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Under Deck Systems, Gutter Protection, Pergola Products & Other Home

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Improvement Goods Available in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Michigan, Kansas, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Other States Across the Nation

For world-class under deck systems, gutter protection, and pergola products, HydroShield is the first choice for homeowners in the Midwest and throughout the United States. We offer a wide range of home improvement products that not only serve to add visual appeal to your home, but can also protect your residence from the worst effects of Mother Nature.

Our under decking product, Deck Shield, and our pergola structure, Pergola Shield, both enable our customers to make the most of the outdoors by giving them sturdy shelters that also beautify their backyards. As its name implies, our under deck product is installed in the area under your raised outdoor deck, allowing you to turn unused space into a lovely outdoor patio. Deck Shield is made from a resilient titanium-aluminum alloy, so it’s able to withstand severe amounts of pressure and hold up fixtures like hanging lights or ceiling fans. Our pergola products are standalone structures made of the highest-quality cedar, and they are available in a number of attractive finishes. The Pergola Shield system provides protection from the sun’s rays, requires little maintenance, and is incredibly durable.

World-Class Gutter Protection, Pergola Structures, and Under Deck Systems from HydroShield Available to Customers in the Midwest and Throughout the United States

At HydroShield, our gutter protection system is also second to none. Made of sustainable recycled aluminum, our Gutter Shield has patented inside- and outside-corner systems that help distribute the flow of water evenly throughout your gutters while still deflecting unwanted leaves, branches, and other debris. Our gutter protection system is not only first-class, but every element of the product is also covered by its own warranty, ensuring that your new investment is protected. Finally, all of our home improvement products are installed by our team of expert technicians, so when you trust HydroShield to Shield your Family, you know that you are in the best of hands.

Contact HydroShield today to learn more about the variety of top-notch home improvement products we offer. We proudly serve homeowners in Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Kansas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and other states throughout the nation.


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